I have compiled unofficial species/sub-species checklists for the four vertebrate groups in North America. Some of these checklists are more complete than others, but I provide them here in Excel format in case anyone else is interested in them.

Master: This file contains a worksheet for each group. Last updated 07 February 2015. Master Checklist (v1.5.1) (355.2 kb)

Birds: This checklist is based off of the AOU checklist, which includes all bird species of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Hawaii. Bird Checklist (132.9 kb)

Herps: This checklist includes the reptiles and amphibians of North America and the Caribbean. It may also include a few species that are also found in Central America, but I have not yet specifically added Central American species. Herp Checklist (113.8 kb)

Fishes: This checklist is based off of the NANFA checklist, which includes of North America’s freshwater fishes, and some of Mexico’s. Fish Checklist (64.5 kb)

Mammals: This checklist includes all of North America’s mammals, and I think it contains most (if not all) of the Caribbean and Central American mammals to Panama. Mammal Checklist (85.2 kb)

Mid-Atlantic Checklists: I created a couple checklists (in Word) that list the species that might be findable in at least one of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia (Many of the species would also be findable in Delaware). Mid-Atlantic Herp Checklist (156.5 kb) and Mid-Atlantic Mammals Checklist (140.4 kb)

Distribution of Maryland Freshwater Fishes – I have compiled range and point maps for Maryland’s freshwater fishes, and I’m adding photos of species as I obtain them. Last updated 16 July 2017. Distribution of Maryland Freshwater Fishes (20.28 MB)

Distribution of Plethodontidae in the Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee Border Region – I compiled nearly 70,000 collection records for the Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders) to produce a series of maps in the region around Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Last updated 06 April 2018. Distribution of Plethodontidae in the Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee Border Region (7.9 MB)